Welcome to Legal Verdict

Welcome to this new blog: Legal Verdict. This blog has its roots in The Open University’s Law School.

Law holds a great deal of interest for many people, whether as an academic discipline, as the foundation of the daily work of legal practitioners or just as a matter of broad social interest. Some of the authors of blogs on this site are legal academics at The Open University and others have kindly agreed to contribute as guest authors. It is hoped that you will find the writing to be contemporary and thought provoking so that you can reach your own verdict about a wide range of legal issues.

Debate and comment is welcomed so please feel free to post your observations.

House rules:

1. The opinons expressed in blog postings on this site belong to the authors and are not expressed on behalf of The Open University.
2. Anything you read on here should not be taken as a substitute for professional legal advice.
3. Any requests for personal legal advice will be deleted.

Enjoy the blog.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Legal Verdict

  1. Vikki says:

    Love the blog – but the grey on white font for the posts is hard going to read and I suspect will give problems to anyone with less than 20/20 vision . Clear, black on white font please.

  2. Vikki says:

    sorry – another comment, I should have checked this first. The text size on the page does not scale if adjusted on the browser (Explorer) – this seems to be another accessibility issue.

    Sorry to post two criticisms – love the content, keep up the good work.

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