What’s Your Verdict?

Our perception of justice is coloured by many factors, no matter how objective we try to be. The media, social background, the moral rights and wrongs of actions are just a few of the influences that can affect how we view justice. In the field of criminal justice, the media takes a great interest especially if there is a sensational aspect to a case. How do you think this influences jurors? Does it influence the public’s perception of a case and its eventual outcome?

We decided to put this to the test by designing a short interactive to test how people responded to various factors. Why not have a go at this? You can find the interactive here (it will take you about 20 minutes to complete):


There is no “right” or “wrong” answer regarding the verdict. The outcome of the interactive can change depending on your answers to the questions you are posed as you work through it.

Remember this is not an entirely accurate portrayal of a Crown Court trial, but merely a simulation. It would much longer than 20 minutes to hear all of the evidence in an average trial in a Court setting!

I hope you enjoy it.

Peter Ward
The Open University


One thought on “What’s Your Verdict?

  1. brentgoose says:

    The ’12 honest and true’ were open to bullying from the opinionated, self-appointed, foreman. Since the foreman failed to guide the discussion, but instead, vociferously presented his own conclusion, were the ensuing deliberations of this jury valid? What safeguards could be put in place to ensure that juries cannot be manipulated in this way? To whom could a timid jury member appeal about their dimissive treatment?

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